Sunday, May 24, 2020

Pharmacology Reveiw- 4

Q1- Epinephrine acts on which one of the following receptors to constrict vascular smooth muscle?

A- α1-Adrenoceptors

B- α2-Adrenoceptors

C- β1-Adrenoceptors

D- β2-Adrenoceptors

Q2- Edrophonium test is diagnostic of which one of the following conditions?

A- Duchenne muscular dystrophy

B- Facial palsy

C- Multiple sclerosis

D- Myasthenia gravis

Q3- Which of the following is the most prominent side effect of scopolamine?

A- Bradycardia

B- Miosis

C- Mydriasis

D- Profuse sweating


Q1- A- α1-Adrenoceptors

Q2- D- Myasthenia gravis

Q3- C- Mydriasis