Friday, November 24, 2017

Pharmacology MCQs- 106

A 37 year-old man visits his physician with complaints of sore throat, fever and muscle aches for 4 days. Throat swab is negative. His physician discussed with him the use of antibiotics in his case. The patient had read in an old magazine that one of the antibiotics is effective but the his physician explains that this antibiotic is highly nephrotoxic.

Which one of these antibiotics is the most nephrotoxic?

A- Ampicillin

B- Amoxicillin

C- Cloxacillin

D- Methicillin

E- Rifampin


Methicillin is the most known nephrotoxic out of the list. Its usage is discontinued in a lot of countries because its extreme nephrotoxicity.

The correct answer is D

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